Cookie Policy


The purpose of this policy is to explain the use of cookies on this website pursuant to the provisions of the legislation on information society services and electronic commerce.

What are Cookies and why are they used?

Cookies are files or text files created by a web server and placed on a user's computer/smartphone/tablet (hereinafter, device) when they access different websites in order to store and recover information about how they navigate between pages on that device. They can also be a code that allows the User to be accurately identified when navigating the web. Consequently, cookies can store information about a User's device or about the way they navigate the websites they have visited, such as the page they visit, the amount of time they are connected to the Internet and other data depending on the type of cookie.

To be exact, the use of cookies when navigating a website allows information to be obtained about said user navigation. This is done in order to improve their navigation experience; collect statistics relating to how the User uses the website and other information such as the search engine used by the User, the number of pages visited, the number of visits and to track what the user does when on a website, such as the amount of time they spend on the website or specific page, when they add and remove items from a shopping basket plus other information. Cookies are also used to locate the User geographically by geolocating the connected device (information about the region and, potentially, data about the location in some countries); measure the effectiveness of company email campaigns and improve the characteristics of their service for specific groups of users and especially for those subscribed to receive electronic sales and marketing communications and bulletins; find out if the recipients of electronic sales and marketing communications and bulletins have opened said communications and how the links included in them are used by each recipient, such as clicking on the links included in the emails. Finally, cookies are used in order to create follow-up reports for campaigns using the information gathered.

This website uses cookies, both our own and those of third-parties. Users can find more specific information about said cookies below.

How do Users consent to cookies being used on our website?

Regarding the use of cookies on this website, the User should know that they authorise and consent to us using cookies by doing the following:

Accepting the cookies used on this website for the purposes indicated in this policy by checking or clicking on the ACCEPT button that pops up on the first page.

In any case, regardless of whether they initially accept the use of cookies when navigating our website, the User can withdraw their consent at any time by disabling and declining their use, as explained in the corresponding section of this policy.

The User is in full control of the cookies as they are stored in the web browser they use on each device. Therefore, the User will be able to read, filter, decline and delete them at any time.

What third-party cookies are used and why are they used on this site?

Third-party solution Type/Purpose Provider Privacy Policy and options

Google Analytics

Location: Google Maps provides map services. It logs the user's location and the keywords used. It generates a unique prefix which is used for analytical purposes. Analytics: Google provides anonymous data on visits to the website. Videos: YouTube enables the upload and playback of videos. It uses cookies to measure viewing time or to log events. Social media interaction: Google allows information on the website to be shared on your social network, Google+

Google Inc.



Add to any

Social media interaction: It allows the website to be shared on social networks.



Do not track

Decline 3rd party publicity


Web tools. Social media interaction. Addthis allows the website to be shared on social networks such as Google+, Facebook, etc.

Oracle Inc.



Adobe Omniture

Analytics: Omniture provides anonymous data about the visits made to our website and allows us to carry out tests and to evaluate the best way of presenting the site to our users.

Adobe Systems Incorporated





Web Video

Google Inc.



Facebook Like, Comments, Feed

Facebook Inc.




Follow Us

Facebook Inc.



How do you decline, disable and delete the cookies used on our website?

Users are able to block or decline the use of cookies or disable and delete them at any time in relation to navigating this website.

The majority of web browsers allow Users to manage their preferences regarding the use of Cookies at any time. Users can set their browser to decline

Cookies or delete certain Cookies according to their criteria.

Users can configure our Cookies (allow, block or delete the Cookies) and those of third-parties by configuring the options in the browser installed on their computer.



Internet Explorer

Safari -> Choose Safari > Preferences, click Privacy


Windows Phone

Android ->Manage via the browser used->Privacy section of the browser used

Users can withdraw their consent for cookies to be used in their browser by following the instructions above.

Another option for disabling cookies and storage devices and recover data individually is to install the "Ghostery" extension on the browser.

Users should bear in mind that some of the characteristics of the content on this website are only available if they allow Cookies to be installed in their browser. If they decide to decline or block certain Cookies (depending on their purpose), this may totally or partially affect the normal functioning of the website or prevent access to some of its services.

Updates and changes to the Cookie Policy.

The responsible party may modify this Cookie Policy according to changes in the way Cookies are used on their website, new legislation or regulations or for the purposes of adapting said policy to instructions given by the control authorities, specifically the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

It is therefore possible for significant changes to be made in this Cookie Policy that will be published in the same. However, it will be the User's responsibility to regularly check this Policy in order to find out if any changes have been made, notwithstanding the possibility that we notify users of our website of said changes via a notice on our website and/or through other means.